¿Cuánto cobrar?  Article by Bacánika, Colombian Magazine
Illustrators and clients, beyond a relationship of pull and loosen in budgets and times,
we are creative team, where we could unite powers to do the unimaginable.

The Samurai 
The magical samurai of Japan, a huge character who illuminates the whole place with her presence, disciplined in the search of spiritual harmony, master with the art of the katana but only uses it when necessary
BCN by 238
Barcelona, space where skate, punk, design and culture meet.
Colombia in the World Cup, Russia 2018
Victoria of Colombia with 3 goals over Poland. The protagonists, Yerry Mina,
Radamel Falcao and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.
La Viudita, Article by Bacánika. Myths and Colombian legends.
It is a ghost of sacristies, cellars and alleys. People believe that their visit is a harbinger of death; and when in a house they see the widow, it is a sign that something bad is going to happen.

Surf boy and his dog.

Fanart of Looney Tunes.

Happy New Year!

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